Nukazuke --- Traditional Pickles

In Summer, I make this pickles.
With enhanced Vitamin B, it is supposed to be very good for you.
Will try to explain about it next time.
When you drink alcohol, you can enjoy these also. ( I like to have it with alcohol ! Feels healthier than having potato chips. )


Anonymous said...

I really love Nukazuke Pickles!!
It tastes really good and texture is also fantastic! However, we are having very little chance to eat really Nukazuke Pickles here in Japan. When I was a childhood, Nukazuke Pickles were very common of table dishes. I love "Kyuri" and "Nasubi".
Unfortunately, I am not able to have Nukazuke by myself.
Nukadoko=Nuka Powder, has realy strong smell and could keep it with no place.
But I love them, why don't you try if you have any chance, guys?
Don't you think so, Miss?

alwayseating said...

Dear anonymous,

Good. You like it , too !

Nuka is bit smelly, but when I take out pickled veggies, my hand is rubbed in it, and afterwards, my hand's skin gets really smooth and silky. It feels good.

I would like to write about it, again, I don't have enough time to explain all during this week. Hope I can do it over this weekend.


Dave said...

I just bought some nuka so I can make nukazuke! I would be happy if you post your favourite recipes. I don't know the difference between Kyuri and Nasubi.

My wife, who is a sansei Japanese-Canadian, is a chef here in Canada. She has studied at Veggie Paradise in Tokyo.