Goya ( Bitter Gourd ) and Egg Plant Curry

It was pretty hot today..... about 35 degress centigrade ???

Wanted to have something spicy.... made this using ingredients I found in the fridge. ( It is about time to clean up my fridge again.)

Curry Blocks ( which is sold in the box ) --- I found 2 pieces are left--- perfect for one dish. Rice ( I recently eat brown rice ).
Pickled Shallots ( My aunt gave me the other day... She made it ) for the side. Ground meat ( pork & beef ) , 1 egg plant. about 15 centimeters' Goya ( bitter gourd.... you can find it at super market in Summer ... Originally from Okinawa )

1. Cook meat with oil in the pan. ( Any vegetable oil is fine. I used grape seed oil. )
2. Add sliced Goya and Egg plant. Keep cooking.
3. When above is well cooked, add 2 cups of water.
4. Keep cooking. When it starts boiling, put our the fire. Add curry blocks.
5. When the curry is melt, start cooking again. Cook for another 10 to 15 min.
6. Prepare rice on the plate. Pour curry next to it. Enjoy !

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