Edamame Rice & Miso Soup

Well, I know I should complete about Konakara..... .

Let me show you this for now.
Edamame Rice. ( The right is miso soup with sliced potato and wakame)
Frozen Edamame ( 1 cup ) ,thawed .
1 table spoon of grated ginger. 1 tea spoon of soy sauce.
1. Put thawed Edamame into a bowl.
2. Add ginger and soy sauce.
3. Place seasoned Edamame on the rice. That's all !


Anonymous said...

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Uncle Tom

banana said...

hello. i am going for a tokyo trip in august for 3-4 days. i know there's A LOT to do, see, and eat in tokyo so i am really excited and started planning.
do you think i can squeeze all of these in the very short time i am there?
-tsukiji fish market
-shinjuku, shibuya, harajuku
super thanks! :D

alwayseating said...

Dear Uncle Tom,

Thank you for your comment. That sounds interesting. I can answer a few questions,but if there are many, my company will be able to answer as business, if you don't mind. My company works on that kind of research and provide information. In any case, you can send e-mail to info@magnolia-c.com.

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alwayseating said...

Dear Banana,

Thanks for the note.

Well, the thing is you probably need to take subways and JR trains to get around. ( Rather than hiring one-three days taxi ride. )

In that case, to see all these, you will probably need about 3, 4 days at least. Remember, the weather is very hot here right now, so I don't want you to pass out from the heat !!! Please take enough time to get around.