Weight Loss Project is Working

It seems I already lost 1 kg. What I am doing is not special. It probably depends which works for who, so please do not count on this and find your best way, but for your information , I will explain what I have been doing. Of course, when I totally succeed, I will review all the things I did and list them up.

1. Trying not to put sugar into coffee. I usually drink at least 3 cups a day. I used to put brown sugar or honey into it.

2. Trying to eat properly and eat well balanced meal. I read that taking nutrition is important to burn the calories in the body.

3. Trying to walk. If it is 1, 2 stations away, I try to walk instead of taking trains.

4. To drink water. I am water drinker originally. Usually I drink about 2 litters a day.
Trying to drink water, green tea a lot.

5. To work out 20 min. a day. I haven't really worked out although I used to be pretty athletic during school days. I found old Cindy Crawford's " Shape Your Body " video and watch and work out about 20 min. a day. There are 3 sections. I do a bit of 1st section and then the last part, which is 10 min. " Mini Work Out ". In Japan, " Billy's Boot Camp " was pretty popular for a while,but it is too hard for me. Cindy's video is just right and it's also nice to watch her perfect figure ( !!! )

6. To reduce the volume of breakfast. I usually eat bread , eggs, veggies etc... , but I gave them up. Now I eat 1 banana & yogurt or yogurt & granola bar.

By doing the above, I lost 1 kg. already and I can see my size is getting smaller. Waist line is getting tighter ! I' m busy with work, still I try to take 20 min. before going to bed or taking bath.


Hélène said...

Congratulations !
You did that perfectly ! As I am really interested in balanced food, I will read you with a lot of interest and I will try to follow your advacement and continue to encourage you ! Keep on ! I am sure you are going to succeed !

alwayseating said...

Thanks, Helene.

Since I need to work a bit, please wait a moment. There are dishes which probably helped my weight loss project. Nutritious and healthy.

Yes, encourage me, please. Right now I am doing fine, but I might get lazy sometimes. :)