Tuna Tail is Good !

If you 'd like to eat homey dinner during your stay in Japan, try to find TEISHOKU place.
Teishoku is like this set menu.

Rice, Miso soup, side dish or pickles and main dish.

Last night, I was bit busy , yet wanted to have nutritious dinner. I went to one of my favourite, Tonsui. ( I have already written the address details in " Dining Out--- Shimokitazawa " before. )

For 750 yen, they serve this great meal. ( The price is vary depending on the menu , yet all of them are reasonable. )
I had this Tuna Tail ( grilled and so good ! It has collagen also ! ) . Great deal for this price. Plus, the couple who work there is always nice and sweet.

They have regular Tonkatsu ( Deep fried pork ) , Ginger pork, etc.... sometimes, they have this kind of " Today's Special ". It is also fun to encounter this kind of menu.

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