Tomato Curry & Oden @ Ginza Kyu - Shimokitazawa

The other day, I had a meeting at the other side of Shimokitazawa Station. Ginza Kyu --- is known for its unusual Tomato Oden. ( Tomato is not traditional ingredient for Oden. ) Oden is more like Winter food. Sort of Nabe ( Cooked in Ceramic Wok ) .

Tried this place for lunch, which was 300 yen for the photo set.
Tomato curry rice and the left is Oden. For 300 yen, it was good deal !

Ginza Kyu --- Shimokitazawa:
Lunch- 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner- 17:00 - 24:00
B1 Minami Bldg. 2-14-8 Kitazawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo



banana said...

this is a very nice blog. i came here by googling 'tofu' and i found myself spending almost an hour now. like you, i also cook for one. your cooking looks a thousand times better than mine though. i came to japan january2008 and can't read most kanji in food packages in supermarkets so this blog is really very helpful. i'll try some of your recipes this weekend. :D
when i followed your "weight loss" label, i was thrilled to find out that there was a post on bananas and yogurt bfast. i am a big fan of frozen bananas and yogurt bfast! i knew i had to comment! :D

alwayseating said...

Dear Banana,

Thanks for the nice comment ! I love cooking at home and eating out both. I am glad that you enjoyed my blog. Where are you from and what do you eat everyday ? Yes, I hope this blog helps people who are interested in Japnanese food. As to weight loss, that is nice ! I used banana without freezing it, but I should try that. So far, I keep loosing weight, but better than that is getting muscles, which helps metabolism. I feel my body is lighter now.

banana said...

I am from the Philippines and I moved here (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) this year for work. Yes, I am trully enjoying your blog very much. I like that you post about your cooking and dine outs in a simple and direct manner. I am happy you are losing weight. I'd like to lose 5 pounds myself. :)
What do I eat everyday? Breakfast is oatmeal (Right now, I am loving Quaker's Raisin and Spice), milk, banana, yogurt. I bring bento to work which is usually rice, grilled fish, steamed veggies. For dinner - tofu, egg, veggies, leftovers, banana, yogurt. When I cook, I search for recipes from the internet but 'twist' it to fit my budget and/or substitute ingredients that I have.
How do I know how much percent fat is in milk and yogurt is? I buy low fat milk and yogurt but don't know how the kanji for 'fat' is so I don't really know. Thanks a lot! :D

alwayseating said...

Dear banana,

Thanks for the note. Ah, you are from Phillipines ! My father was born in your country since my grandfather had business there. And one of my aunt is from your country also ! It seems your diet is pretty healthy. Yes, I am careful about budget also, if I cook at home, it is nutritious and reasonable. Me, too ! I buy low fat milk. I used to buy regular milk, but since I decided to work on weight loss project, I've been drinking low fat ones. ( Luckyly, it's been helpful , it seems. In 3 weeks, I lost 2 kilograms. )

Thanks and stop by at my blog and leave some comments again !