ShortShorts Film Festival 2008 @ Laforet Harajuku & Brillia Yokohama

Oh ! Somehow, this shot came out like this... This is a catalog of Shortshorts Film Festival..... short film event.

They are showing many titles right now. I was invited to one of the opening events last Saturday.

The event is being held at Laforet Museum Harajuku ( one program is 1,000 yen) through this Saturday, June 14. as well as Brillia Yokohama.

I saw some animations and films. Especially animations were well done.

They produced those using AfterEffect, Maya, Finalcut Pro etc.... I am not so familiar with these software ( I don't produce animation.) , but all those had different taste and I enjoyed them.

I didn't have much expectation for short films, but short ones could be good for mobile, commercial films, infomercials and omnibus ( if you produce several as one package. ) ....

If you have time, please try visit them. ( Personally, I wanted to see the first direction of Kirsten Danst......featuring Winona Rider .... , But now I don't have time to go. )

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