" Shokudo Katatsumuri" ( Diner Snail )

This story is about a girl, mid 20s and heart broken. She even lost her voice. She came back to her home town and her mother's place, who she is not so close. She has been working for restaurants , so decided to open a small diner, which serves heart warming food and limits to accept only one reservation a day. Depending on the customer and/or occasion, she carefully plans the course and ingredients using natural food from the region. .... Cannot write well enough. The food in the book plays important role. Also, you can learn how the food is prepared, why they are so precious , how much we should appreciate that we can eat them.

In a way, it reminds me ZEN temple where I learned how to pray before eating. And at the very last, the girl finds out the secret about her mother who she hated for a long time.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a heart-warming and charming story. accepting only one reservation per day is interesting. too bad i cannot read books and newspapers with my intermediate japanese skills. :s でもいっしょうけんめいがんばります!いつか日本語の本、ざっし、と新聞を読めると思っています。

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Hi banana,

I see. If you live in Japan, you can quickly pick up the language, I believe. Gambatte !