Radish Noodle Chicken Soup

I made this soup using recipe from TV program introduced by " Futari no Shokutaku" on TV Asahi.
Saturday evening program has main two talents, they could be actors and actresses, singers, movie directors etc... One cooks for another, who is a long time friend in the business.
Yesterday, this soup was introduced. Mr. Umezawa who acts woman's role was cooking and he seems to be so good at cooking.
Ingredients: ( I have adjusted the volume for me. )
approximately 1/6 Japanese radish ( Peeled like flat noodle ).
1 table spoon of chicken soup powder, 150 grams of chicken breast ( or as much as you like )
Salt, Pepper, Grated ginger ( as you like )
1. Prepare soup. Boil water ( about 2 to 3 cups ) , add chicken soup powder and dissolve.
2. Cut chicken into bite size and add into the soup.
3. Add sliced ( peeled ) radish, it looks like noodle. Keep cooking till both chicken and radish look cooked.
4. Add grated ginger, a pinch of salt and pepper. ( Don't put too much salt first. Taste it after a pinch and if you prefer saltier flavour, then add another pinch and try it again ! )
It warms you up and feels healthy. ( During Summer time, I often feel cold, because of air conditioning. So, it helps to warm my body. )

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