Organic Veggie Restaurant --- Akasaka Kobachiya

Last night I had business dinner in Akasaka.
This restaurant serves veggie dishes beautifully cooked in macrobiotics. The first dishes were these two, okayu ( rice porridge ) and tofu ( or was it yuba ? ) .


banana said...

wow! this looks really healthy. i am trying my best to eat healthy food but sometimes i give myself a treat and eat chips, chocolates, ice cream, etc. i really admire people who do not have junk food cravings. oh, i can't wait to visit tokyo and try out some of the places you have written about.

alwayseating said...

Hi banana,

Yup, it was truly healthy. Me, too. It is hard to resist potato chips etc.....,but since I am on weight loss project, I have not eaten those, which truly helps to lighten my weight. Come to Tokyo !
There are various to try to.

banana said...

Yes, I plan to visit Tokyo this August as I have a week-long break from work. Maybe you can show me around? :D

alwayseating said...

Dear Banana,

Thanks for the comment. It seems I will be too busy with my work, so hoping that you can get around and see whatever you are interested.

As part of my business( My company Business ) , I do take people around.., but I don't think you expect to pay for the guide, so I wouldn't suggest it.

Hope you enjoy your visit !!!