Konakara --- Continued

Sorry, I have to get off now, so let me show you one picture.
These were appetizers served ad Konakara.
The left is probably ( ? ) chicken sashimi, the middle is deep-fried tofu. The right is chawanmushi. ( steamed egg hotchpotch ).
They were all good.


banana said...

hmmm. i have never heard of chicken sashimi before. how was it? :) i am looking forward to the continuation of this meal. i love oden! :D by the way, do you know any affordable places to stay in tokyo? would you recommend ryoukan or youth hostels? どうもありがとう。

alwayseating said...

Dear Banana,

I am so behind, so you might not read this, but I will write anyways.

Chicken sashimi was pretty good. If you visit Chicken specilized restaurant, you can find those. It has to be pretty fresh, so I would recommend, if you like to try, try to visit Chicken restaurant.

As to the hotel, it depends on the price range.... how much are you expecting to pay ?