Greek Coffee !!???

Have you had coffee in Greece ? If you are Greek, please let me know if this is Authentic !!???
I like this drink anyways, but I am just curious.
Cafe Zinc ( Please see my " Dining Out --- Shimokitazawa " section) serves this iced coffee. It's little sweet, there are sliced lemon, lime in it. Somehow, unexpected flavour of lime juice matches with coffee flavour. When the weather is hot and sticky, this freshens me up.


Anonymous said...

Hey :)
I'm a Greek woman, I've never been in Japan, but I love it and hope to learn how to speak Japanese one day :)
What is this coffee you are talking about?
Have you had it in Greece?
I'm not an expert as I rarely drink coffee, but I can ask other Greeks about it :)
you can find me on myspace and message me if you'd like.
The URL is www.myspace.com/shecamefromgreece
take care,

alwayseating said...

Hi Lia,

Thanks for the comment ! Iced Greek Style Coffee.... It said on the menu. This is in Japan.... my area's coffee shop. Do you drink similar coffee in your country ???

I have joined MySpace a while ago, but I haven't been active there.
I will check yours sometime soon...

Thanks again.