Fridge Cleaning Day II

I found another package of Natto ( fermented beans ), some sliced beef, bell peppers, scallions.
Cooked beef, bell peppers and scallions in the pan and poured Mongolian barbecue sauce into it. Sprinkled little pepper.
For beans, I chopped Shiso ( Japanese basil ) and mixed into them and used sweet soy sauce which was attached to the package.
Fridge is getting lighter !


Hélène said...

Hello !
It seems really good ! No need to have a lot of complex ingredients to make tasty things !
What do you put in your rice ? There seems to be some cereals...

alwayseating said...

Thanks for the comment !
Yes, in this way, I don't have to waste foods. That feels good.

Originaly the rice is regular white rice. I mixed some package into the rice. Those are dried corns, barleys, black beans, buck wheat, wild rice, dried green beans, sesame, red rice, quinoa etc.... It seems mixing this kind of grains are getting trendy. I guess people are becoming more health concious. It actually tastes good , too.