Akasaka Kobachiya II

This plate was fun to eat and tasted quite healthy !

The center is like Cesar salad, yet there is no milk or cheese used. Tofu was used instead. Yet, it tasted just like Cesar salad.

The front left is burdock ( full of dietary fiber ), the middle left is okara ( bean curd refuse ) , the deep left is bean sprouts. The front right is hijiki, onion and soy beans ( they didn't use any sugar, instead they used onion to make it sweet.) The middle right is cooked radish. This morning, I feel my body is light ! I felt quite full when we finished eating, yet it felt light . The chef ( lady ) 's skin was so smooth and radiant. I guess this kinds of food is making her skin healthy. mmm, truly, you are what you eat !

Akasaka Kobachiya:
TEL: 03-5575-6221
1F, Takashima Bldg., 4-3-11 Akasaka, Mitano-ku, Tokyo
It is 2 minutes from Akasaka Station ( Chiyoda Line). Use exit 2.
17:30 - 10:30
Now they serve lunch also.


Hélène said...

It really looks good and beautiful ! I love japanese cuisine for that, plenty of tiny dishes that are "health-friendly". In France, I think we just began to have restaurants that propose organic or vegetarian food. Good choice !

alwayseating said...


Thanks much for your comment.

I would call this kind of restaurants are usually girls' choice. We love this kind of pretty setting and healthy food !