Lightly Cooked Chinese Leek with Bacon

Another easy, healthy recipe.
A bundle of Chinese leek
3, 4 slices of bacon
Boiled water
1 teaspoon of soy sauce, 1 table spoon of vinegar, 1 tea spoon of sesame oil
This recipe is from TBS's "Hanamaru Market"( A TV program for house wives , they have recipes on their website also ) .
1. Chop the root part of Chinese leek into small pieces.
2. Cut other part of Chinese leek into 3-4 cm.
3. Shred the bacon.
4. Put all the leek and bacon into a mesh bowl. Pour boiled water over it. ( 15 secs. )
5. In another bowl, mix soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil well.
6. Put the leek & bacon into the bowl. Stir well.
Ready to eat ! You can eat lots of leek with this recipe.

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