Salad with Cooked Pork

Simple, Easy yet Tasty. I cook this with various veggies.
Today's lunch was this....
Thinly sliced pork ( If you can find Shabu-Shabu pork, that would be the best ). 5 , 6 pieces.
5 Shiso leaves ( Shiso is like Japanese basil ) --shredded
Half package of Kaiware Daikon ( Sprouted Seeds of Japanese radish ) --- cut in half length
Half stalk of white scallion ( I like Nasu no Shirobijin Negi --- for this )---cut diagonally ( bite size)
Grated Ginger ( I used a lot today. A chunk of ginger as topping )
Ponzu ( Yuzu juice & soy sauce or lemon juice and soy sauce etc. )
1. Prepare boiled water. Add half cup of Sake or white wine into it. ( To remove pork smell )
2. Cook pork in the hot water.
3. Make the salad bed for pork. Place cut scallion, Kaiware Radish on the plate.
4. Put pork on the veggie bed, add grated ginger and shiso as topping.
5. Pour 2 to 3 table spoons of Yuzu-ponzu ( I used bottled Yuzu soy sauce today ).
Fresh and good for this kind of sticky weather.

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