Ms. Okuzono's Chicken Wing Cooking in Vinegar

You can find this recipe ( in Japanese ) on NTV 's website.
The TV program name is " Omoikkiri ii TV".
Usually I cannot watch the program since it is aired during daytime, yet I check the recipe.
This was pretty good. I changed the volume for one serving.
5 or 6 Chicken Wings, half cup of vinegar, 1/5 cup of soy sauce, 1/5 cup of mirin ( sweet rice wine ), a few slices of ginger, a tea spoon of honey, 100 grams of mizuna ( or some green vegetable as bedding )
1. Cut the chicken wing at the joint to make it easy to eat. If possible, there are two bones in the wing side, so separate them by cutting.
2. Put vinegar, soy sauce, mirin into the frying pan with ginger and honey. Start heating.
3. When it gets boiled, add the cut chickens into the pan. Low heat and place the lid over the pan. Keep cooking till the sauce gets thick.
4. Cut mizuna into the bite size and place on the plate as the bed.
5. When the chicken is ready, place them on mizuna ( or green veggie bed ) with the sauce.
Eating the sauce is quite important since this sauce has calcium and collagen from the chicken !

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