Breakfast ( Salmon Salad Wrap ) at Starbucks

Whoa, it is already Saturday. After Golden Week, the time passed so fast.

Well, this is my breakfast today. I have been trying to get rid of my books. I already sold about 100 books at Book Off. Worn out from picking up those.

Anyways, Salmon Salad Wrap at Starbucks.

Do you have the same at your local Starbucks ?


Hélène said...

Hello !
We also have Starbucks in France. I don't know if we have wraps (I think so) but I don't eat them for breakfast (in France, we only eat sweet things for breakfast !) ! When I go to Starbucks, for tea time, I usally have tea and a muffin, or a piece of cheesecake (I love it !) When I was in Japan, I loved macha tea latte and a kind of pavot cake ! It was really delicious and I miss it so much !

Carol said...

I'm in Canada, and Starbucks are everywhere but we don't have wraps like that. Raw fish (I think that salmon is raw, isn't it?) is only found in sushi restaurants.
Breakfast here is typically eggs, bacon or sausages and toast...some people will have cereal or a muffin.
Starbucks does a pretty good breakfast sandwich with egg, ham and cheese.
I LOVE your site....your food is so different from what we eat here.

alwayseating said...

Hi Helene,

Thanks for the comment. Ah, Starbucks is everywhere. Sometimes I eat sweets for breakfast such as danish, donuts,but usually eggs or rice ( Japanese )with something. I haven't been to France lately, would love to make some trip there. ( I should make some business ! or make more money and travel there for vacation. )

alwayseating said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the comment. Yup, the salmon is raw.

Where in Canada are you ? I have been to Halifax ( since my friends were living there for a while ) and Vancouver, Calgary, Banff .... I remember the food in Canada was great. And Alberta Beef.... Yummy ! I go to international cuisine restaurants here and also cook Italian, Chinese etc...., but even Italian, if I cook here using local ingredients, it should be different from authentic ones. well, I try to show you as much as I can, please enjoy !