Wasabi & Soy Sauce over Cream Cheese

For the coming 2 weeks starting with Monday, I can see that I will be very busy.
Therefore, I wanted to be a home buddy this weekend and did not schedule anything special.
Here is another nibbles. The right green ones are Edamame beans, which I used frozen pack.
( You can thaw them by putting running water. )
Take beans out of pods. ( Usually frozen ones are already salted, so unless you want them season, you don't need to add anything. )
Cubic cream cheese, Wasabi ( usually sold in tube ), Soy Sauce ( Try ponzu, if you have. I used Ponzu. Or add a tea spoon or two squeezed lemon juice or orange juice to soy sauce. )
1. Dissolve wasabi into soy sauce. ( Or ponzu, or soy sauce & lemon or orange juice mix. )
2. Pour 1. over cream cheese.
Spicy wasabi flavor goes well with alcohol drinks. Enjoy !

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Casey said...

Oh my god! The cream cheese cubes seem really tasty! Though, I don't think I've ever bought them already in cube form like that...I've gotten the wedges of Camembert (which is really good even with regular toasted combini bread + a little butter) and the individually wrapped marbles of tasty white cheese.