Visiting Relative's House

A few weeks ago, I visited my relative's place and he cooked dinner for me. All these food were delicious and also healthy.

He owns a house in L.A. and this is his Tokyo place. When I was small , I didn't have much chance to see him and I figured it out why much later.
After high school, he went to the states and studied there. He also worked there and still he lives in both U.S. and Japan, which I appreciate since he knows both U.S. culture and Japanese culture.

I did arrive at the station early , which is very Japanese.
I laughed at myself. I tried to be fashionably late..... in Western style, but somehow, I got there too early. However, I didn't have to worry, he is so used to cooking and started working in the kitchen and we started chatting and tried to catch up, which was fun.

The bottom here is the sort of ginger with miso paste. The fresh spicy ginger stimulated the stomach and I got really hungry. ( as always ) The middle is slices of scallion and duck meat.
This is good combination as nibbles for alcohol. The top is cooked seaweed ( hijiki ) , carrots and soy beans.

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