TOTO & Boz Scaggs --- Gohan Cafe

I was invited to the concert of TOTO & Boz Scaggs last Monday.
It was the very final one for TOTO , I was lucky ! For younger people, probably they are now known, but for those who love music from 70's and 80's, this is precious one.
Before the concert, we ate dinner quickly since it would last over 3 hours starting at 7:00 p.m.
The photo is the one I ordered. Croquette dinner set with white steamed rice, pickles, miso soup. The Croquette is made of potato and Saga beef. The rice was pretty good because this is Gohan Cafe ( rice cafe ) and located next to Gohan Museum.
The concert was held the largest hall in Tokyo International Forum. It was totally full.
The music was great. Especially Boz Scaggs' songs were beautifull. He should be over 60 years old, but looked nice and cool !

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