Visiting Relative's House --- Continued

These were surprise to me. The noodle is udon --- made of wheat flour, but it was totally different from others. Smells so good.
The natural flour flavor is so good.

The rice was also delicious. According to him, this rice is from some farmer who turned to farmer from company employee of trading corporation ! What a career change !

These people realize how important the agriculture is and jump into totally different world. Maybe some people don't understand it, but I respect that courage.
The quality of these food was wonderful. Maybe you cannot tell the difference by look, but I was impressed with the flavor of these.

Nabe ( the bottom) was full of ingredients with oyster, chicken to various kinds of veggies.

My stomach was fully filled.....

We both love eating good food.... and films ( he is in film business ) , we talked about ideas, foods, etc....

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