Pasta --- Pork & Cabbage with Ginger

I would call it Chinese Style Pasta since I used sesame oil and Chinese chicken soup powder.
Ginger ( chopped ), Several cabbage leaves ( bite size) ,
Pork ( Thinly sliced and bite size ), Pasta, Salt & Pepper, Chinese Chicken Soup Powder, Sake ( or white wine ), Sesame Oil
1. Cook pasta as instructed on the package.
( While cooking pasta, cook pork and cabbage....)
2. Put the pan over medium heat range.
3. Pour a table spoon of sesame oil. Cook cabbage, ginger and pork.
4. Sprinkle salt & pepper, a tea spoon of chicken soup powder, a table spoon of sake over 3.
5. Cover the lid over the pan and wait for 5 min. or till the cabbage looks cooked.
6. Place the cooked pasta ( of course, drained ), put 3.= pork & cabbage ( and ginger ) on the pasta.

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