One Garden --- Continued

She brought a set of various cheese from France. I don't think usually this restaurant allows it,but we occupied the place that night ( with about 12 people ) and we enjoyed tasting them.
This cake was made by her friend. Pretty and Tasty. Full of strawberry flavour.

Another shot of veggie sushi.
It was totally entertaining night. Thanks to the friend.
I was able to see her mother ( after so long ) and her husband.
and other people who were all nice and attractive.
The restaurant was also great. Nice decor, quiet ( In Shibuya, this area is for adults, not teenagers. ) . Food tasted wonderful and fun presentation. Wines and champagnes were great. ( The friend of her husband brought the wines from France. ) The chef of the night was the producer of the place ( special night ! ) and he often cooks for celebrities and good at selecting flavor and way of cooking depending on the guests.
One Garden:
1F Le Cartier Sakuragaoka, 20-12 Sakuragaoka - Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Tel& Fax:03-3780-0880

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