Nanakusa --- Shimokitazawa's Hermitage

Nanakusa ( translation is probably , Seven Herbs ) is located in hidden spot in Shimokitazawa.
Near Odakyu-line's railroad crossing, this small restaurant is quietly sitting. I had a very good friend of mine this week and since she came back from U.S. after nearly two years, I wanted to take her somewhere very Japanese and also little girlish.
I had tried this place before and since they have various veggie meals and also the decor was clean and restrained, I thought this must be popular more for ladies.
Yes, I was right, she really enjoyed and I was very happy seeing her joy. We enjoyed catching up with each other and it was sooooo nice to share our information, life, friends' status etc....
She was born in U.S., and brought up there, but she is also Japanese , in a way, she is bi-culture.
It is interesting how she views American life style, work style and Japanese of those.
Our pleasant night started with this green soup..... not spinach. artemisia. A Spring flavor.

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