Japanese Life Style in Edo Period --- Vol. 3

The tenement ordinary people lived in Edo period was quite small. The kitchen is about 1.5 mats and another room was 4.5 to 6 mats max., according to Ms. Junko Yamada's book.

There whole family lived in. There was no bath in the house, for bathing, they used public bath house. For toilet, there was also public one to be shared with people in the same area.

As you can imagine, there was not much utensils in their kitchen. Water jar, kitchen range, sink,
pots and kettles, rice bin....and probably cutting board and kitchen knife. That is all.

After cooking rice, if the wife makes a soup, that is all. There were food peddlers coming into the narrow alleys. They sell clams ( for miso soup ), cooked beans, prepared meals, fish boiled in soy sauce, pickles etc. Therefore, housewives did not have to cook. In the evenings, tofu peddlers and sardine peddlers came and for these cooking is pretty simple. People didn't have fridge those days, so everyday, these peddlers came at about same time each day.

Simple yet in a way, isn't it nice ? They probably did not waste food and appreciated everyday meal , I guess.

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