Inokashira Park ( Inokashira Koen ) Cherry Blossoms

During weekdays, I had little time and decided to have extended lunch time. It's such a nice season and two meetings were postponed this day, so I allowed myself to take this extra time.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom before this weekend, so I thought it may be gone. Fortunately, they were still there.

Pepacafe Forest is the place I had lunch this day.
It is a sister restaurant of Peppermint Cafe located near the park.

This Pepacafe Forest is located in the park near the central bridge of the pond.

Their menu is Asian dishes and I had this cooked chicken with Jasmine rice, soup , salad and spring roll --- set menu.

Last year, I came here with a group of friends, but this year we could not get together.
There were several Cherry Blossom Watching parties, but I could not attend any of it this year.
As you can see in the top photo, there are people sitting on the sheets and drinking, eating.
This kind of parties last often till night. Young students often get drunk and jump into this pond.

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