I grew up with Western Breakfast

This is Irish oatmeal ( the name of this oatmeal ) I had for breakfast. Raisin is the topping, milk and brown sugar on the tray also.
My mother always cooked western breakfast. Toast and eggs and bacons or oatmeal like this. I guess one of the reasons is my father was brought up in foreign country for sometime.
Anyways, I found this Irish oatmeal at Kaldi, so bought a box. ( Kaldi is imported food shop, which sells not only western food, but also Asian food . They have various kinds of pasta, pasta sauce, jams, teas and coffees, spices and something hard to find at other stores , e.g. blue cheese dressing .)
Unfortunately, another favourite of mine --- Quaker Oatmeal's instant packages ( in various fruit flavour ) are not sold in Japan..... Whenever I go to the states, I buy several of them.

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