EARTHDAY 2008 Whole Grain Bread

This bread is the one I bought at the event.
I like whole grain bread's texture. Had it with butter & marmalade. By the way, you cannot find butters at super market lately here. The butter is short right now. It's a long story, so maybe next time.
The right is potato & sliced beef:
2 potatoes( chopped) , 100 grams Beef ( Sliced and shredded ) , Dried parsley. half onion( chopped ) , salt, pepper,
grape seed oil, butter.
1. Put the pan over medium heat and put a table spoon of grape seed oil & same of butter, start cooking potato.
2. Take out the potato and place them onto a plate.
3. Add onion into the pan and cook , when the onion turned to brown color, add beef into the pan and cook.
4. Pour a tea spoon of salt and some pepper over it. ( Make it little salty since the potato is not seasoned. )
5. After a few minutes, put 4. over the potato. Sprinkle some dried parsley.
Enjoy !

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