EARTHDAY 2008 What We Learned

There are many small farmers and food producers. We talked to several of them and learned a lot. Their expertise is wide and deep and they are happy to share it with us. Not doing for sales only. We could tell that they are trying to protect the environment and produce good, safe food.

Will try to write about sea weeds producer and green tea producers also. ( I hope I can find the time to explain, the sea weed one is little complicated and I need some time..... Wish me a luck ! )

In any case, their food is tasty and since we learned that they are trying to hard I appreciated for it when I ate.

When I go to Zazen ( Zen Meditation at Temple ) , the monk tells me to think how this food was produced and imagine about the people who carried them, who cooked them..... and thank everybody. The feeling is like that, which we tend to forget nowadays.

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