I just came back from EARTH DAY 2008, which is being held at Yoyogi Park.
Bought mostly FOOD ! ( Or was it all of them !??? )

I went with Tania, who is food specialist. We learned a lot there. If you have time this weekend, please check it out.


wcdma said...

u have a nice blog.
I am wondering where/how did you get the event such as this Earth Day information.
I am interested in food and any special event that happens around Tokyo area.

alwayseating said...

Hi, wcdma,

Thanks for the comment.

Mmm, whenever I go out, for example, on the train, I check the information from posters, I have local network in my town and cafe, bakery, ramen noodle shop couple, all these people give me information, there are also flyers at shops..... Basically I am curious person, so I often google things..... Hope you can find more events and enjoy Tokyo.