Cream Puff --- Cherry Blossom Flavor

There are many more food pics I'd like to show you all. Since I take several pics a day, there are so many in my folder.

When I can find time, will try to upload.

This is another seasonal food, a cream puff with cherry blossom flavor.


Mary ;) said...

Hello! :)

I came to your site when I was searching for "kinako mochi" on google last night.

I love Japanese food and I'm sure I will enjoy reading your blog. I have been to Japan a few times and I love visiting Japan!

I am going to Osaka at the end of May; it's a pity I am not going to Tokyo otherwise I'd definitely ask you for some restaurant recommendations!

alwayseating said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your comment.

Where are you from ? I am curious.
Ah, that is too bad, sorry, I don't know Osaka restaurants. Of course, if you come to Japan, let me know. Depending on your preference, I would recommend some restaurants for you. Glad to hear that you love Japanese food. Japanese food is healthy, I feel. I also enjoy other countrie's cuisine.

In any case, hope you enjoy my blog. I will keep uploading something interesting for you !


Mary ;) said...

Hi Alwayseating :)

I'm from the UK. You can come and have a look on my blog if you like! http://slappedbygunk.blogspot.com/

If I ever go to Tokyo again I'll definitely let you know.

I do enjoy your blog, we have common interests: I love eating and am always eating too!