Cabbage & Bacon Soup for Breakfast

I often make this cabbage soup. Especially spring cabbage tastes good and ... how can I describe it ? Soft texture ? So, often make this with bacon or sausages. ( I forgot to add rosemary today. By adding herbs, it tastes even better. )
Instead of bread, I had donuts with it.
Shredded cabbage , Bacon, Bouillon , Pepper ( Salt, if the bouillon doesn't have salt. ) Water.
Simply put shredded cabbage ( as much as you like ) into the deep pan and add shredded bacon and bouillon. ( Bacon is salty, so try and adjust the soup as you like ). Add water ( 1 cup or depends how much cabbage you put. ) Cook for 10 to 15 min.
MMM. My whole body is sore from yesterday's golfing.... well, I need to work on things today, so hope I can write tonight. See ya !


Scott Taylor said...

I use cabbage all the time too. Especially in summer when its plentiful and cheap at the farmers markets. One of my favorites is to brown some chicken or pork with garlic, butter, galangal powder, and coconut cream powder, then throw in a handful of chopped cabbage and maybe a few little tomatoes at the end. Simple yet flavorful.
I love all the descriptions and pictures of all your pretty meals. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

alwayseating said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the comment and information. That recipe looks good ! I need to try it soon.

Thanks ! I will keep trying.

Hélène said...

Hello !
I am a french woman (i'm 26) and i just discovered your website which is excactly what i was looking for ! I just came back from japan (15 days trip) and i became a big fan of japanese food, not only sushis (which is what we mostly find in France) but every day cooking ! So, thanks a lot for all these recipes, i'll keep you adviced when i try some of them !

alwayseating said...

Hi Helene,

Merci for your comment !

Glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay in Japan.

Hope my blog helps you to endevour Japanese cooking in your country and keep your good memory from here.