Nanakusa --- Continued

After Fuki Gohan ( Japanese butterbur Rice ) and pickles, the dessert came, which was another surprise. ( Everything was using seasonal ingredients, so we were surprised by all these beautiful food. )
The dessert had tofu ! The white round stuff you can see in the left is tofu. The brown sauce is molasses. Nanakusa is wonderful place. The seats are limited, probably less than 20. So , please make a reservation in advance.
5-1-20 Daita, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo
Closed on mondays and second tuesdays.
if you know the place, 3 min. walk from Shimokitazawa station.


Bill said...

What a stunning dessert! In fact I'm envious of the entire meal, except perhaps the pork as I'm mostly vegetarian, but i might make an exception if I was ever so lucky to be there. The greens look gorgeous, one of them looked like the curling top of a young fern.

Keep up the lovely eating!


alwayseating said...

Dear Bill,

Thanks for the comment.
If you are vegetarian, you would love this place. Don't worry, you can advise them in advance when you make a reservation. Their menu is course only ( 5,000 yen ). They ask you if there is anything you cannot eat.


Kirsty said...

Thank you so much for reviewing this restaurant! I went there 2 weeks ago and forgot its name. But I found your review and now I can go there again and recommend it to my friends. I had the lunch plate and it was SO DELICIOUS.
Hooray for Nanakusa!