Yokosuka Walk

After the lunch, I kept walking. Probably I walked about an hour or less ?

Nice walk along the coast line toward Mabori Kaigan station. Enjoy the photo.

I saw cherry blossom started blooming !
Spring has come !


Pwincess Linfoong said...

Hi, i stumbled across your blog while looking for recipes. I came across this Japanese website and translated it using google translator. A lot of the recipes require wheat flour, and I was wondering if you could tell me what it is.

I'm really sorry to trouble you.


alwayseating said...

Dear pwincess linfoong,

Hi, thanks for the note. which website are you talking about ???

I wonder what you are trying to cook !

Let me know the site address and hope I can be of your help.


The Cooking Pwincess said...

Dear alwayseating,

I'm so happy that you even replied me ^^!

The original website is this :-

I looked through the bread section! The Japanese buns are so pretty!! ^_^

I used google translator and it came out wheat flour. I was wondering if its wholemeal flour or wheat starch flour. Or is it a special Japanese flour?

Really sorry to trouble you and thank you so, so much!!!


alwayseating said...

Dear Cooking Pwincess,

Ah, I see. That flour is hard flour. Wheat flour, which is stickier.... I don't know proper English, but not the one you use for cakes or tempura. Those you use for cakes are called soft wheat flour and has less protein. ( less than 8.5% ). The one you are supposed to use for bread has more than 12% protein. I checked Japanese wikipedia. Hope it resolve your question ! Cookpad is the good site. I sometimes use it , too ! Enjoy your baking !


The Cooking Pwincess said...

Dear always eating,

thank you thank you thank you!!! I've made the buns already, and its at my blog. If you want you can have a look, since you helped to translate it for me! Thank you once again!! :)