Yesterday I went golfing with a friend. Originally four of us were going, but MakiMaki ( a female friend who is a patter creator of clothing company ) caught a cold, then Tamachan ( a male friend who works at insurance company and looks like Tama-chan , which was popular seal in Tama river a while ago. ) got stomach ache and cancelled, so just two of us went together. Originally we were supposed to practice first, then move onto a golf course in Narita area ( near international airport ). Well, maybe we could have gone, but Mae-san and I decided to go to a short course which is popular among us. For 3,675 yen, unlimited rounds, which is quite reasonable . There are 10 holes and all of them are short range. I hadn't played for a while, so it felt good to be on green links again.

It is about one hour drive from Tokyo. Located in Chiba prefecture.
270-1 Ohtake, Ohami -Shirasato machi, Sambu-County,
Chiba Prefecture, Japan

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