Travel Tips --- Airplane I

These days, I fly several times a year at most, but I used to be on flights quite often.
Therefore, I think I know how to enjoy the flights and decided to share my tips with you.

Today, I'd like to write how to eat on flights. Eat very lightly. Yet , I love eating, so I tend to finish all the things served on the flights. However, ideally, it is better to eat very light.
Try to eat veggies , seafood, fruits. Drink lots of water. These days, the authority is strict about the liquids to carry in, but if it is within the terminal ( after the clearance of immigration/ customs ) , you can buy a bottle of water and bring it to the plane. If I can, I try to buy the big bottle of water. If it is long flight, buy 1 litter or more. Of course, you can always ask flight attendants, but it is better to have it in your seat pocket. If you drink alcohol on the plane, it works three times well compared to on the ground. So, please watch yourself and if you had any alcohol, again , drink lots of water and try to cleanse your body. Walk through the seats once in a while to stretch your self. The food is usually served 1.5 hour after take off and 2 hours before landing. So, check the timing. It is better to avoid to go to bathroom while the food is being served since flight attendants are busy. Flying east is more tiring for the body. So, try to sleep on the flight if you can. If you cannot, try to expose yourself to sunlight after the arrival and your body clock will adjust it to the local time. This is sometimes difficult, I know. By the time your body is adjusted, it is about time you go back home. Well, I will keep writing about this kind of tips, so hope it helps you in the future.

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