Thanks to the couple and Sora & Riku

At the restaurant's terrace table, I spoke with the couple who owned these dogs. They were very friendly and I enjoyed the conversation. It seems the husband just retired from his work.
According to them, the husband spent more then 20 years in overseas for his work. I learned about Indonesia's current situation and how he lived there.

These dogs are friendly also. The top is younger , Riku ( land ) 11 months. The bottom is 4 years old, Sora ( sky ). Riku acts like a

little boy and Sora is well-mannered and quiet.

We talked about current Japanese food situation also !
The wife said interesting thing, which I agreed. Nowadays, Japanese people are too nervous about food. In old days, we didn't count on the stamped dates and tried to smell the food to know if the food is still edible or not. Her point is that people's senses are getting blunt. Yes, somebody else also said similar thing. If you are surrounded by nature, the senses are sharper. You can smell well, taste well.....

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