Shanghai Trip IV

This is not in Shanghai, but a part of the trip, though.
I had this sushi set menu before the departure.
Hikarimono set. Hikarimono means those shining fish.
Iwashi ( sardine), Saba ( mackerel ), Aji ( Japanese horse mackerel), Kohada ( gizzard shad ) etc...
This time I departed from Terminal 2 of Narita Airport, so this place was Sushiden. Counter and tables & seats like regular sushi shop. It was nice. However, if I am asked, I would say, before the trip, I prefer Terminal 1's Kaisen Misakiko 's belt-conveyer sushi. The reason ? mmm, each has clear price, you don't have to ask people, you can just pick up from the conveyer and actually,. Kaisen Misakiko carries pretty good sushi for belt-conveyer place. I think before the trip, I must be thinking lots of things especially if it is business, maybe that is why..... Anyways, if you like to try the final sushi before your departure at Terminal 2 of Narita Airport. This is the place to go.
Terminal 2, Narita Airport.

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