Shanghai Trip III

Gerry , the colleague suggested to go to French Concession. In this area, French people used to live. It was great. Nice French ambiance, I enjoyed.

In this restaurant, you will enjoy the mixture of Chinese & Western decor.

Chian Kai Shek and his wife ( Song Meiling , daugter of Son Weng who led Chinese Revolution ) used to live in this house. I thought about the history.
Now I feel like to read some Chinese history book. The food was delicious. I ordered this photo, curried lamb. The menu seems to be international...since they had Yorkshire pudding also.

Sasha's ( in French Concession = Old French District )
11 Dongping Lu (corner of Hengshan Lu), Shanghai
Tel: (021) 64746628 Fax: (021) 64679403

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