Shanghai Trip II

I stayed in Pudong area, which is located east of Huang River.
The area used to marshes. Now the area is developed and center of finance and commerce. There are many high rise buildings in the business district and also hotels. The band I briefly mentioned in the previous post has European style buildings which were built from late 19 centuries to early 20 centuries. Many of those buildings are formerly banks' and trading companies such as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Jardine Matheson, Glen Line, Sassoon etc...
If you are interested in architecture, you will enjoy these.

The charm of Shanghai is this mixture of East and West, Old and New. I enjoyed watching those local girls who are dressed stylishly. They must be in one of the well-off classes in China.

This was my second time to visit this city, first time I visited touristic places. Where are those photos ??? Some day, I will dig them out and try to upload here for you all. I didn't have much time to go out this time. Just nights and lunch time only. Still, like this lunch time by the river, I enjoyed being in the city. The photo below is the lunch I had at the restaurant called " Red Dot ". If you exit Shangri-La hotel from the back door and walk to the river side, you can easily spot the place. The logo is red dot. One of the restaurants by the river walk. I was with business associates and we tried to avoid others since they were STAR BUCKS, Italian restaurant.... The lunch I had is actually not local food. Hainan Chicken Rice with Chicken Soup..... For those Singaporean people, this should be familiar... I always enjoy the ginger sauce.... Yum.... Shanghai Photos will be continued...

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