Pudong Shangri-La Hotel

This should be easily found in your guide book, so I will not write detailed address.

The hotel is very nice. As you can see spacious room with nice decor. It seems configuration is different by the tower. I stayed in Tower 2. The bath room had TV set built in the wall. So, the night I arrived ( although I checked in around 11:30 p.m.), I couldn't resist to check the TV while taking bath. ( The bath salts were prepared there. ) One thing I noticed is there are always plenty of people to serve. Anywhere. At the airport, I checked convenience store, gift shop, there are always people to help you. In the lobby of this hotel also, guards, hotel men, doormen etc.... Interesting. They are very polite and kind.

The bed is firm and I have sometimes back pain,but it felt comfortable here. The pillows are really feathery.

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