March 3 is Girls' Festival --- Hinamatsuri

March 3 is Hinamatsuri. It is not a national holiday or there is no big event for this,but this is traditional home event day. When girls are born in Japan, grand parents or parents buy Hina-ningyo ( dolls set in somewhere in the house toward March 3. ) to the newly born baby girl. In my case, it was given by my father's side's grand mother. There are various kinds from big one which has many dolls and small one like this photo. ( This photo is actually candy box sold at super market for the season. )
People wish their daughter will have happy marriage and happy life in the future. It is said if you put the decoration early enough and put it away right after March 3, the daughter will find husband early. Well, look around you and see how the ladies around you handled this festival and dolls. Don't ask them though, if they are single. You might get sued for harassment or get killed !!! ( Half joking ). You will probably see crackers and tri-color ( green, white , pink ) confectionary at the shops before this day.

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