Kaitenzushi--- Belt Conveyer Sushi & Spa Miki no Yu

There is a regular course when this group of golf mates get together and practice on Ohami Green Golf. We play golfing in the morning, then go to this Sushi place and have lunch and beer, then we go back to golfing again, then on the way back, we take bath at Super Sento ( Large Public Bath House, sort of Japanese Spa ) .

Yesterday, I tried to have Spring seafood at the restaurant.

The top is three kinds of prawns. The deep water shrimp was sweet and delicious. The middle is seasoned clams. Others I had were half beak, sardine, yellow tail..... This place is pretty good for the price and serves fresh seafood. Including the beer, I paid 1,800 yen. Oh , you can see the plates here. Yellow is more expensive than blue. The lowest is brown plate. We warn each other and scold buddies if somebody picks the most expensive golden plate, which is about 600 yen !!! Funny and silly, but we enjoy this whenever we visit this Sushi place.

Groumetzushi " Sotobo"
Tel: 0475-70-1661
Address: 13-4 Ohami, Ohami- Shirasato Machi, Sambu County,
Chiba Prefecture.
Open: 11::00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
They have more than 100 seats. Often you have to wait since the place is popular, but your turn comes soon. Fill out your name and number of the party on the paper sheet near the cashier.
It started raining a bit in the afternoon, so we did practice at driving range for a while, then went back to the course. After that, we headed to Spa and took the bath and relaxed. There were many local families and many of the families were in a group of three generations, I could see. Grandma with grand daughter etc..... Did a lot in a day. Ready to work hard from Monday !

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