Homemade Marmalade, Firefly Squids for Dinner

Today's dinner is here. A kind business associate and friend delivered homemade marmalade this afternoon. Top left, you can see orange marmalade nest to butter. According to him, it is made of three kinds of orange, Japanese small orange, Orange from Wakayama prefecture and Californian orange. It is delicious !
The top right is chicken salad with corn and celery. the purplish oval foods are firefly squids with the sauce made of miso and vinegar , which is from Toyama prefecture. It is much tenderer than regular squid. The eyeballs are bit hard to chew. I enjoyed the seasonal flavors and got back to work again. Today was holiday here. It is Spring Equinox Day. Some people visit their ancestors' graves to say hello on this day. I haven't done it for a while. Grandmother, grandfather and other ancestors.... forgive me ! I worked a lot today !

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