British Weeks --- Baby's Celebration

The past two weeks have been sort of British weeks for me.
The reason is there were three gatherings related to U.K.
1) - BCCJ Party: British Chamber of Commerce in Japan held a cozy party on Wednesday last week. A friend who works at the sponsor company invited us.... several friends. Thanks to him !
2) - Baby Born Celebration & Open House at friends' house. The friend is the employee of British company and the husband is working at British company and British ( actually Scottish ).
3) There was an Alien event --- supported by British Council.
See, now you know why I called these weeks British !!??? The photos here are the open house party. In order to protect baby ( !), I will not show the faces here, but he is sooooo cute ! There were many people and I made some new friends again and also met some old friend by accident !
The top photo is wedding cake of theirs. Is this Scottish tradition ? According to them, they keep the cake( one layer ) in the freezer and cut it when their first baby came. Isn't that nice ?

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