When There is Nothing In the Fridge

Note: I just found out Nespas is spelled Nespace !

Nothing special in the fridge. I made this pasta using tomato sauce , parsley, tuna and some condiment( the photo left below).

Canned or boxed tomato sauce 1 cup ( I used paper-boxed one)
Canned tuna ( small ) , Garlic 1 clove, Salt & Pepper, Kagura karakko ( anchovi would work ) , Olive oil, Pasta , Parsley

1. Boil water and sprinkle salt into it and cook pasta.
2. Crush the garlic and put in the pan.
3. Add olive oil into the pan ( 1 table spoon ) and start cooking the garlic.
4. Add chopped parsley ( about 1 table spoon) and keep cooking.
5. Add tuna ( if there is water or oil, damp it )
6. Add tomato sauce.
7. Cook the above well. Add anchovy paste or Kagura Karakko.
8. Mix with cooked pasta.
Kagura Karakko is the product from Niigata prefecture, which I found lately at Nespas Omotesando. There is some Antenna shop of Niigata products. I was thinking about Anchovy paste or chopped anchovy to add into this, but realized there is none in the fridge. Then tried this Kagura Karakko. Worked very well. It is made of salt and regional chili pepper. Spicy paste.
It is similar to..... not exactly Tabasco, but in a way milder Tabasco with rich taste.
FYI, Nespas is located behind Omote Sando Hills. Of course, if you are in Niigata Prefecture, you can find it easily.

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