Tamago Zohsui --- Rice Porridge with Egg

Actually this is littel different from porridge. Zohsui is thicker than porridge.

Anyways, this morning it was bit cold and I wanted to use up ingredients left in the fridge and also wanted to have something hot.

Spinach 3 stalks
Egg 1
Rice 1 cup
Dashi Powder 1 table spoon
Miso Paste 1/2 table spoon
Kagura Karakko ( Niigata Prefecture's Seasoning/ made of rice malt & salt) 1 tea spoon
Water 2, 3 cups

1. Boil water and bring it to boil.
2. Pour Dashi powder ( Japanese soup stock powder ).
3. Add rice and spinach. When they are cooked, put out fire.
4. Add miso. ( resolve in the hot water).
5. Put the fire again. Stir well.
6. Just before putting out the fire, add beaten egg.
7. Put 6 into the bowl. Add Kagura Karakko. ( Shichimi chili powder, Yuzukosho could work also. )

Tonight, it is snowing again in Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

You really cooked very healthy and tasty food.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thanks dabamehon ! Yes, it is healthy and good for stomach.
What do you usually have for breakfast ?