Shochu Oyuwari with Umeboshi

Can you tell what this is ?
This is Shochu( Distilled Sprit). The red one at the bottom of the glass is Umeboshi - pickled plum.
When it is cold, mixing hot water with shochu is popular .
Putting pickled plum is also popular. It's been hectic week for me.
I was very tired and didn't want to go out even this Friday night.
So, made this to treat myself. Sort of night cap for me.
I made this with the ratio of 20% shochu: 30% boiled hot water:50% water. After pouring the water, you crush the plum and enjoy shochu with plum's sour flavour. relaxing !
There are various kind of shochu. I usually drink mugi ( barley) shochu. I also like chestnut one and shiso one ( Japanese Basil ) . Imo ( made of sweet potato ) is probably most common, but it has strong smell. I do drink it sometimes ,but not my favorite. Kome ( rice ) is also good.
Well, it is like hot wine of Japanese version.

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