Nakau --- Kamatama Udon

Yesterday, first gale of the spring came, which is the sign of the spring. When I walked on the street, gusty wind started blasting in the afternoon. mmm. It seems my flu is gone, but now hay fever season is starting. It makes difference if I have enough sleep and eat nutoritious food. Will try to stay in healthy life style so that hay fever will be gone.
Last weekend and Monday, I had little fever and couldn't move.
Still, there was one meeting I had to attend. On the way home, I felt hungry, but didn't feel like cooking. I got off at Yoyogi Uehara station and visited NAKAU, Yoyogi Uehara branch of their chain. The photo is 390 yen, Kamatama Udon. Simple udon with fresh egg , green onion. The egg is cold, the udon is hot. You mix them well in the bowl and pour some noodle sauce over it.
Yum ! It gave me energy to keep on going ! Nakau is Japanese first food chain restaurants.
I would recommend their Oyakodon also. ( Chcken & Egg rice bowl) When you go into the shop,
there is a vending machine. Buy the ticket for your meal before having seat.
Nakau- Yoyogi Uehara
It is located underpass of Odakyu Line's rail track.
24 hour open and there are some menus to go also.

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